How SAP Business One delivers value for your role

Responsibilities and challenges change with every job role. Find out how SAP Business One can help overcome the biggest challenges faced by five important roles within any business.



With SAP Business One you will finally be able to realise your potential. Get faster access to information, greater visibility, and increased efficiency throughout your organisation with this powerful business management system.

How it can help you


As well as being experts in implementation, we believe in ongoing optimisation to make sure that SAP Business One grows with your business. Why? Because you deserve to get the best from your investment and we understand that as your business evolves over the years, so must your system.

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How can you reconcile a fast, agile ERP implementation with lasting value and long-term ROI for your business? In our free guide, we explain the six stages in a successful, future-proof ERP implementation methodology – the same approach we use for all our clients.


lifetime SAP Business One solution


ERP is a major investment that will underpin your business for many years. Our approach with SAP Business One is not simply about installing the software. Lifetime application management means that we understand your business and deliver a system designed to address your needs, but we also provide ongoing optimisation and support. This keeps your ERP system efficient and effective, no matter what the future holds.

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Access IT knowledge to improve your business, keep your data safe and to enable access. Pick and mix the right level of IT support, from filling gaps or one-off projects right through to a complete outsourced IT department using APH experts.

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SAP Business One Support

APH provides expert SAP Business One support from its own help desk, based in Manchester. We are efficient and personable – each customer has named contacts within the centre and benchmarked delivery standards to keep satisfaction high.

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Sector Solutions

APH has built up extensive expertise in certain industry sectors. Find out about each of these and how APH can deliver significant value to your business.

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Solve workforce utilisation and job costing challenges using SAP Business One. Track the true ongoing profitability of your customer projects.

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Access MRP and accurate product costing to take control of your processes. Keep costs down, add competitiveness and greater flexibility.

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Wholesale distribution

Helping you maintain a sustainable profit margin in a competitive market, through optimised stock holding, supply chain management and improved forecasting.

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Professional Services

Improve staff utilisation to increase margins and satisfaction. Costs are broken down job by job, client by client, allowing you to track costs and profit.

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We’ve got a different approach

At APH we understand why most others get it wrong.

Because any successful ERP implementation depends on three things—and if you don’t choose the right software, use the appropriate hardware, or be supported by the right people, you’ll soon be wondering why your ERP isn’t delivering what was promised.

Our process isn’t designed to take shortcuts. We make sure you get the software, hardware and people your business needs, both now and in the future.

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