Making SAP Business One better with B1 Apps and add-ons

Making SAP Business One better with B1 Apps and add-ons

SAP Business One is designed to work ‘out of the box’. However, a number of additional modules and industry-specific solutions are available to complement the software’s core functions. Depending on the needs of your business, you may find that one of these B1 Apps extends the functionality of your system to provide even greater visibility, efficiency and control.

We offer a portfolio of certified B1 Apps built by SAP themselves and leading third-party providers, as well as custom solutions developed by our in-house team.

Job costing

Capture all job costs and deliver more profitable projects with Job Costing for SAP Business One.

Our Job Costing add-on is a comprehensive cost management solution for companies using SAP Business One.

Popular with contract engineering and professional services firms, this application will equip your business with detailed cost information in real time to ensure you always serve customers profitably.

Created by leading SAP partner developer Enprise, the Job Costing solution helps you to stay on top of every cost in every project – from estimates and purchasing to employee timesheets and sub-contractor resources.

Key features

Web timesheets: Accessible anytime, anywhere to ensure visibility of employee time data.
Recurring invoices: Complete invoice history is recorded and recurring invoices created with a single click.
Purchase requisitions: Purchasing and vendor invoicing direct to job, with purchase approval procedures to ensure management control.


Consolidate financial information across branch and partner companies running SAP Business One.

Intercompany is designed for companies that comprise of more than one legal entity, having subsidiary and/or branch companies. For example, multiple branches of an organisation operating in different regions of the world.

With the Intercompany solution, businesses that run SAP B1 in different installations can effectively manage intercompany transactions between partner companies. This module automatically creates balancing transactions in the correct company for inter-company trading transactions. In addition, business partners and items can be synchronised across all of your companies, instantly replicating all of the data required to enter transactions on the system.

This add-on for SAP B1 can remove the hours of administration that would be required to update the various company databases. Automatic synchronisation of data will also reduce input errors and make sure your group of companies operates cohesively as a single organisation.

Payroll One

A complete payroll solution designed specifically for SAP Business One.

Payroll One is a comprehensive payroll management solution for SAP Business One. Sharing employee data with SAP Business One can make your payroll processing accurate and timely, with minimal rekeying of information.

Sensitive payroll data is stored separately from the SAP B1 database to ensure maximum confidentiality. The posting of payroll data into SAP Business One and the upload of payment information is handled seamlessly.

Key features
  • RTI compliance: Data is supplied to HRMC more regularly through the electronic gateway
  • Auto-enrolment: Managing deductions for workplace pension schemes
  • Integration: Employee pay information will appear in SAP Business One reports automatically
  • Electronic payslips: Email payslips can be selected to increase efficiency and reduce waste

Postcode add-on

Speed up sales-critical processes and reduce data entry errors using the powerful postcode finder for SAP Business One.

Our Postcode lookup add-on for SAP Business One provides a fast and accurate address finding solution. It means your employees can quickly enter critical business documents such as sales orders using accurate information each time.

With greater functionality than a postcode search, this module will find complete addresses from any part of an address provided by the customer. Address searches are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis by our data provider PCA Predict, meaning you only pay for the added value you receive.

Key features
  • Accurate and fast input of address data
  • Low cost per lookup far outweighs the long-term cost of inaccurate addresses
  • Integration within SAP Business One for ease of use and training

B1 Usability Package

Get more value from SAP Business One by customising the product to suit your needs.

Implementing SAP Business One can be an opportunity to align your company with standard and widely accepted business processes. However, experience tells us there is often a need to ‘tie in’ SAP B1 with your more specialist operating procedures.

The B1 Usability Package is an add-on that allows you to customise SAP Business One without the complexity and cost of a bespoke development process. This simple and user-friendly solution makes it possible to tailor the system to suit your needs – and no specialist technical skills are required because there is no coding involved.

With B1UP, you can change the layout of windows, hide any fields that you don’t need, set up shortcuts, create mandatory fields and much more. The goal is to improve your working experience and save time so you can concentrate on running your business.

CRM for Outlook

Save time and increase user adoption by integrating SAP Business One with Outlook.

SAP Business One comes with a host of customer relationship management (CRM) features out of the box. CRM for Outlook enhances the adoption of these features by enabling users to update important tasks and customer information from within Outlook.

With this add-on, employees who prefer the familiarity of Outlook can continue to use the email program without neglecting documentation in SAP B1. Users are provided with a dashboard view of a customer or supplier within their Outlook client as soon as they receive an email. Staff no longer have an excuse to let crucial customer data become outdated.

Key features
  • Create and send emails in Outlook as usual and link them to SAP Business One records (sales orders, contracts etc.), making it easier to maintain a history of customer interaction
  • All users can share and see recent activity connected to the relevant business partner on a timeline
  • Jump directly from Outlook to SAP Business One with a single click

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